2021 at Helen Moore: A New Perspective

It has been a difficult start to the year to put it mildly. Loneliness, boredom, stress and anxiety are all products of lockdown and home-schooling and although taking it a day at a time is good advice, sometimes that can be hard to do and we end up looking at everything that is blocking us, everything that we can't do in this current situation.

But what if we look at it from a new perspective?

Advice from a friend has led us to a different way of looking at things: What CAN we do? What CAN we achieve? What is in our power to change?


 We CAN still come to work. We have introduced all kinds of careful measures to keep the factory safe and everyone has been amazing at working under the new conditions. We are standing metres apart, we are eating lunch separately, we’re wearing masks all day, but we still see each other, we can talk and feel connected.

We CAN take pleasure in making our beautiful faux fur accessories. Our workers are incredibly skilled and take huge pride in everything they do. 


We CAN still get the products out the door. Everything is taking a little longer, processes are slower but we have a huge sense of team achievement every day when the post goes out.


We CAN help those with young children. Our work needs to be done in the factory and we have been able to furlough those with young children who need to be at home to become teachers. We are full of admiration for all those finding themselves back in this role and look forward to having them back when they can.


We CAN find beauty and creativity in the our beautiful countryside. We are so lucky to be able to create our own designs and products in our factory in the middle of Devon.

And most importantly we CAN plan for the future! Even now we’re working on next season’s Collection, selecting our colours, fabrics and styles. We’re making prototypes of new pieces which will become the heart and soul of our 2021 campaign.

We really hope that this is something that might help others. Resolutions didn't somehow feel appropriate this year, but seeing the positives might not change anything but might help us see them in a different light.