3 Looks we love from Fashion Week

by Hester Moore

There are certain events in the year that capture the essence of a particular time. Earlier this year I visited the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and wished I could be transported back to a show in the past to see and experience what art was then, what made our hearts beat a little bit faster and what motivated us to create. And Fashion Week is no exception, it defines a moment in our time and in our history, even if it’s not obvious at first.

As the 2020 Spring Summer Shows come to an end have been reflecting on the last few weeks of fashion. Designers have shown us much more than clothes, they have been sharing their ideas, allowing us to see and experience their personal, truest form of creativity, and that is exciting and a privilege to witness. Designers have the power to subvert our perceptions of fashion, teach us to look at form and fabric in new ways and find joy in a colour we had consigned to the past.

The designers' shows tell us about next year and what we can expect to see in the future. However, it's the people attending the shows that tell us what's happenings now. What the editors, buyers and stylists are wearing is often a greater indicator of how the catwalk translates to the shops. What are today’s editors choosing to wear, and what does that tell us about what we will be wearing soon? Here are a few of our favourite looks from this year's shows and the people attending them.

We'll show you how to add faux fur to achieve a similar look and feel.

Colour Blocking

This is, above all, my favourite look right now. It is arresting, requires layers and it works. It can be simple or complex, wear one dress and one scarf or half your wardrobe on a chilly day. So who did it best?

Fix up, Look Sharp

It's time to put the trainers away and do as your mother asks, put on a nice suit and good shoes, but make sure it makes you feel amazing. As always Victoria Beckham has delivered an inspirational show packed with mighty women in powerful outfits. We love these rust / burgundy tones.

An Artists Colour Palette

There is a new way to put colours together. Be an artist, work with different tones and colours to achieve a considered and cohesive look. Add layers of different textures to add depth and interest to your outfit.
Julie @juliepelipas and Irina @irinalinovich photo by @maxi2st

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