Let's go out! Ideas for the Rule of Six.

It is time for us to start taking steps towards a life post 'stay at home'. You might be ready to jump in head first or maybe it will be a slow process. But it seems most of us can't wait to just be with our friends and families! So now we (UK) can sit in our gardens, how are you going to celebrate? We have come up with some great ideas for your gatherings.

The Fire Pit Party

It might be spring, but it's simply too cold! So, it's time to gather some logs and light the fire pit, Made.com £159, bring out the camping chairs, and get cosy. Wrap up in this year's much loved over sized padded coat and chunky boots, Arket £225  and one of our beautiful Pillbox Hats, Hat £45 Make some comforting cocktails, we love an Old Fashioned from NIO, toast some marshmallows (never just for kids!) and enjoy the company of some wonderful friends.


Tea with the Neighbours

For many of us the relationship we have with our neighbours has changed in the last year. For some, this little gathering will be about celebrating what you had in front of you the whole time. This party requires slippers boots Helen Moore £56 and a Comforter Blanket from £129 a doorstep and a good cup of tea! mug by Anthropologie £14 

Helen Moore Blog slipper boots and comforter throw


The Girls Gathering 

There are no limits to this party (except the rule of 6!). This is about being extra! We want to see maximum fairy lights, candle lit lanterns Nkuku from £49.95, killer table displays, glorious food, everyone MUST be overdressed Helen Moore faux fur Stole £125 & Catherine de Crèvecoeur Earrings £22 and luxe seating with a faux fur skin, Helen Moore £110


Helen Moore Jet black Faux Fur Girl Gathering Get the Look