Mother’s Day - Give something to warm her heart.

It’s official – in all the lockdown surveys the thing we miss most is seeing family and friends. We miss the physical contact, the hugs, the smiles and we miss our mums! 

Helen, Hester and Betty at a show long before lockdown!


This year let’s make it extra special for mum. We’re here to help with pretty gift wrapping and a lovely hand printed Mother’s Day card with your own message. So now you just have to choose your gift and let us do the rest.

Love You Mum Card by Print Nineteen


We’ve got a few ideas to inspire you whether you’re buying for your mum, grandmother, or mother-in-law, or yourself (yes, we know!), we could all do with a little pampering right now.


Helen Moore Gift Wrapping


Something Beautiful 


We all need something beautiful in our lives. At Helen Moore we believe life’s little luxuries are important!. Faux fur offers an instant feel-good factor, maybe it's the softness or the texture, but you just can’t help wanting to touch it and loving it. We really want you all to have something beautiful this year.


Something to Celebrate

Helen Moore Pick'n'Mix Vixen Scarf


Emily wearing the pick'n' mix vixen she designed @the.muddymummy


It’s been tough at times to find things to celebrate, especially through the challenges we have all faced this last year. But, with the daffodils coming out in parks, gardens and on street corners and the bright spring mornings with a chill in the air we have something to look forward to.

We have some wonderful faux fur colours to choose from. Maybe have some fun together choosing the colours for a Pick ‘n' Mix Vixen scarf to represent something that means a lot to you both?


Something Warm


Helen Moore Hot Water Bottles


Feeling warm and cosy brings associations of safety and comfort - the way we feel when we’re with our mums. The Helen Moore Home Collection brings warmth and style to make sure that your mum feels the love this Mother’s Day. Our faux fur Hot Water Bottles  are are like a bedtime hug and are still warm the following morning, they're now available in mini size too. Supersoft faux fur slipper boots will keep her toes toasty and warm. 


Something Comforting


Helen Moore cushions and comforters


What could be more comforting than a Helen Moore Comforter? Designed to snuggle into on a sofa or wrap around your shoulders on a chilly evening they have a soft velvety lining and really are the gift of comfort.

Something to Treasure


Helen Moore Bed Runner

Ermine faux fur throw

We believe so strongly in making everything well and making it to last. We’re not part of the fast fashion industry. Our products are made to be loved, to be worn and used. By buying a Helen Moore Mother's Day gift this year, you are investing in something to treasure, something that will be loved for years to come.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us to all of you!

Moore Family

Helen, Stan, Joey and just some of the grandchildren!