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We are very excited to announce that our Faux Fur Rugs have been named the Independent's Indy/Best BEST BUY in the faux fur rug round up! helen moore faux fur rug indy best

10 best faux fur rugs that look and feel like the real deal

"The name Helen Moore is synonymous with luxury faux fur, and this single pelt rug didn’t disappoint. Easily the most realistic of the roundup, its soft, deep pile is beautifully mottled with lighter roots and darker tips creating a dynamic texture. Run your fingers through it and you can see the patterns. The rug is backed with a high-quality faux suede, and where most undersides present a raw edge, this has a neat hem, proving it’s not just the quality of the faux fur but the finish, too, that matters." Read More Thank you to the Independent for recognising the high finish, deep pile and quality of the fabric. We work tirelessly to ensure that every item is the perfect piece for you and for your home, thank you. To celebrate this great news we are offering you 20% off our Faux Fur Rugs and Animal Skins until the end of the month: Enter code INDYBESTFAUXFUR19 at the checkout.

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helen moore faux fur rugs indy best

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