Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle

Colour: Biscuit Cloud

Now available in two sizes! Standard and mini.

A timeless luxury. Practical as well as beautiful, our hot water bottles are handmade in England using our most luxurious faux furs.

Designed with a hidden zip to allow easy filling or removal of the cover for washing, this beautiful hot water bottle will stay warm all night long.

Made in England

Size:  Standard Height 34cm x width 21cm with cover  Inner 32 x 19cm

Details: A zip down the back allows for easy filling. The cover can be removed for washing.

Composition: 100% Faux fur, Manufactured in excess of BS 1970:2012.

Wash & Care: Wash at 30°

Manufactured in excess of BS 1970:2012. Do not use boiling water. Fill to a maximum of 2/3rds capacity and expel air. Ensure that stopper is securely fixed. Store empty with the stopper removed in a cool dry place. Not suitable for use with babies. Children should be supervised when using. Elderly people and those with sensitive skin or reduced sensory awareness should use hot water bottles with care. Check for wear and tear regularly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Fabulous service as always from my favourite furry goods store! Helen Moore make the best faux fur and this water bottle is no exception. A perfect gift for a good friend.

Colin G.
sheds; and the zip?

I bought this for the bottle rather than the cover. I hoped a luxury one might be more durable than others we've had which have suddenly started to leak.

My wife likes it very much; says when covered it's very comforting. She's sure the bottle itself is a good one. I hope it is, I can't tell.

Unsurprisingly, the cover sheds like a long-haired cat. Maybe it will stop one day, though we have had it a few weeks now. Unsurprising that the fur snags the zip runner too: not every time, though, and so far it's not caused it to jam badly.

Bora K.
The best!

I bought 5 of these in different colors and sizes as a New year’s gift for my family.
It’s very soft and beautiful, and incredibly well-made. Hot water bottle is not easy to find in my country(South Korea). If you are looking for your first hot water bottle this is the one. You won’t find the better one than this.

Clare W.
Great product

This is a very luxurious hot water bottle. It’s the 2 nd one I have bought and it stays warm all night. A great size and very snughly

Judie S.
Winter warmer

A lovely gift for birthday or Christmas.

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