Introducing our hair and make up artist Britta D

Whenever we plan a shoot we always call Britta - it's as simple as that - she is just the best in the business! 

Britta has a very special offer for followers of Helen Moore  - more of this later, but first we asked her to tell us about what motivates her, how she has had to adapt her work during the pandemic and what the future holds.




How did you become an MUA? is it something you’ve always wanted to do?

I always wanted to become a Make up Artist. My dad used to travel quite a bit for work and used to bring me back certain magazines like Vogue and Elle in the 80s and I used to study the make up and hair on the covers and the editorials for hours.

I always looked at the amazing locations and beautiful faces.

I knew one day I would travel and do some amazing shoots….

I ended up travelling for over 15 years to the most amazing places.



This photo was taken in very happy times and when I am down I look at this and remember the feeling I had that day! 

You’re from Germany right? Tell us a bit about growing up there and what brought you to London?

Yes I am originally from Germany….I grew up outside of Stuttgart.

my family moved to London for a job and stayed for 7 years. And when my dad's contract was over he and my mum moved back to Stuttgart and me and my brother stayed here-my brother is a fashion photographer -so we both ended up in fashion.

When you work on a shoot how do you prepare for it and what do you love most?

I normally get a call sheet a couple of days before with all the names on it, location etc.

I also sometimes get input which models to chose for a particular job so I get a say in Castings.

I then either get a brief with a mood board from the Art Director, Fashion or Beauty Director or clients beforehand so I can do some research on the feel and look we want to achieve.

But to be honest it mostly really comes together when I see the model in the flesh- her hair colour on the day, her complexion etc.



What I love the most is the team work between the stylist, photographer the model and me.

I am a sucker for 'before and afters' and just love the process and the result we get from inspiring each other and creating the look.



What moments stand out from the Helen Moore shoot? 

There are a lot of moments over the years but one example has to be the glitter bomb we used on the last shoot!

The fun we always have and the creativity and enthusiasm that this particular group of people has is special.

We just really are on the same wavelength and that’s what always stands out for me and shows in the photos.


On the shoot you seemed to like dancing to music! What music do you listen to?

Haha yes I love dancing I still do a bit of Street dancing type dance in my spare time - just can’t help it on shoots as there is always good music and good sound systems in the studios.

I grew up on Jazz - my parents both used to only love and play Jazz at home.

Personally now I still love Jazz but Neo Soul, R&B and 90s Hip Hop and a bit of Minimal Techno are what I listen to. 

During lockdown you must have had to adapt your work totally - tell us about how you did this?

Yes it was a toughie and still is… will never go back to normal in my industry or how it was before with the travel etc.

As I have been doing this job for over 26 years I have seen changes of course with digital photography arriving, the recession and the spread of “fast fashion”.

As I work internationally and have lots of connections abroad I was aware fairly early that a lockdown was imminent, as some of my friends already were in Lockdown.

So I did what I had wanted to do for a long time which was set up VIRTUAL make up lessons.

I always used to do 1-2-1 make up masterclasses either in my home in central London or at other people's homes.

I always wanted to take it VIRTUAL but I was aware that people weren’t ready to see themselves without make up on a laptop or phone screen on a video call.

I knew things would shift to online even more and soon Houseparty, Zoom etc got more and more widespread.

So I went for it and started doing 1-2-1 VIRTUAL lessons and published the before and after shots on my social channels.

I also did some Zoom photoshoots and a virtual wedding where the bride did her own hair and make up!

How has social media changed the way you work?

It's changed the way for quite a while. I was always a very private person and not a good sales person for myself.

A lot of creatives aren’t good with self promotion that’s why I've had my agent for 18 years.

But social media is all about self promotion. I am very comfortable in 1 on 1 scenarios and groups in real life, but I'd never intended to be in front of the camera.

I could be invisible when I did photoshoots but now with my lessons people want to know who they are inviting to look at their make up bag and invite into their home via video call.

I still find it hard to be in front of the camera at times but I had to learn to accept it and hopefully lose the fear, as people want to know who is behind the brand.

Tell us about your virtual lessons


Ok, so I do a video call and go together through all the products in her make up bag including brushes etc. We then talk about products she might be missing or is interested in or she would like to add.

I listen to clients' wishes and concerns and then we decide on a look they would like to achieve or a technique they would like to perfect etc.

I then guide her through a full make up application.

After the lesson I always send out a list of products we have discussed and give her different price options as I have an overview of all brands, as I am not brand attached.

My lessons take between 70-90 min on average.

As I said before I love a 'before and after'

This is an extract from a post from my instagram @brittadmakeup...

 ... such a great #virtualmakeupbrittad tonight with the beautiful @gearyjill in Seattle #🇺🇸 I love the fact that I can work worldwide with these lessons and was super excited to do a lesson with Jill.

We updated her technique and I made a list of products for her to add to her make up bag of products she was lacking or interested in.


We’re a cruelty free faux fur brand and now we only use vegan leather - is this ethos important to you?

Yes it is for sure - I used to also work quite a bit for PETA on shoots.

If you could choose one thing from the collection what would it be?

I love all of it but it would have to be one of the big stoles or a throw ….they are so soft and lux. I also love the little crossover scarves in this season's Champagne colour.


Champagne Hermione Scarf


What’s next for you?

Well I am watching how things develop.

I am going with the flow and am a firm believer in things will come at the right time.

I am finally back on photoshoots after a long 4 1/2  month break and it feels strange to be in full PPE but am grateful I am shooting again.

I am doing more live instagram sessions where people can get involved and ask questions.

I'm hoping for various collaborations.

Also I want to focus more on women of a certain age like myself and maybe have make up zoom get togethers and REAL life gatherings at some point - so as you can tell I have my fingers in a lot of pots lol!

Am working on a few selected virtual projects and have a skincare project coming out any moment now….so watch this space.

Feel free to DM me for any skin care or makeup questions on my social media.


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