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Have you had enough of winter? Sometimes it seems that it will never end, but don't despair, there are ways to beat the blues. The obvious one is to go on holiday and escape completely, but for many of us that's not really an option. If you plan a holiday that can give you something to look forward to later in the year, but the real way to survive winter is to embrace it!
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Hibernation is the name of the game, OK you have to go to work, but when you get home you want to return to your cosy nest. This is where we come in. There's absolutely nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa with one of our gorgeous faux fur petite Comforters or large Throws. The faux fur is sooo soft - we really should shout more about the quality of our faux fur fabrics ...they are pure luxury. Keep a couple of Comforters on the end of your sofas for a little extra warmth on chilly evenings. Drape one over a chair or snuggle up together under a gorgeous double Throw. This winter we're making some lovely special edition Comforters and Throws as well as those in our 2020 Home Collection, so there will be something to match your mood and your colour scheme. Add warmth with Truffle, add texture with Siberian Wolf and be ultra-cool with Ocelot
Comforter Throws are perfect for armchairs and the end of the bed from £149
There are some amazing long, textured faux furs from our previous seasons. Sumptuous Berry and vibrant Domino faux furs are sure to be statement pieces in any room (and currently in the SALE!) Sometimes a throw should just be thrown! Look at the texture of our Wildcat faux fur throw and pillow against the azure velvet of this sofa. And don't forget, we can make Cushions to match any of of our Throws and Comforters, so it's easy to create a great scatter of cushions and tie together all your colour schemes or pick out great accent colours. Helen Moore faux fur cushions

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