How Art is Helping

I was doing ok, I understood the changes that were being put in place, I was able to rationalise them, even accept them. But then I had an email from Tate telling me they would be closing due to the current crisis. Of course, they would close like all the other companies emailing me, but this one hit me, it hit me hard. Galleries are my place, they are my anchor when I feel lost, uninspired, happy or sad: they are always there for me, with their big doors wide open, free and happy to see me. Art plays a huge part in our family's life and our business. There may not be an obvious link between art and faux fur but for us there is. We are a family of artists and designers, always referencing and drawing inspirations from our most loved paintings, colour, texture and past exhibitions. Of course, I understand the galleries have closed and I'm happy to be at home for a while - but how do I get inspired when my greatest tool is not there for me to use? I think this is how many of us have been feeling? But what can we do when everything has changed?

Podcast - Talk Art

My new favourite podcast is Talk Art. Whilst my daughter naps and I try to resume some kind of order in the house I plug my headphones in and listen to two guys, Russell Tovey and Robert Diament talk about art. It's really great, accessible, no jargon chats about great work, exhibitions and artists. Check it out!

Get Making

Our 2-year daughter is loving lockdown, seven days a week with both mum and dad, heaven! Luckily for us there is no national curriculum to worry about, for us, it is one big art class. I keep thinking about Henri Matisse's work, drawn to its simplicity, colours and how open it is to interpretation. Where I see flowers, my daughter sees hands, where I see stars, she sees flowers. So we stuck up some pictures, cut out some card and got sticking. There’s an excellent Matisse piece for older kids on the Tate website here. I think I'll introduce her to Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama next week and start painting some spots!

Pop onto the gallery website or take a virtual tour

Some of the galleries are sharing some amazing content, get on their websites and get lost in the archives. I just found my self lost in The British Museum Prints and Drawings Virtual Gallery! And if, like me, you are mourning the exhibitions you didn't get to before lockdown then maybe there is a virtual tour like the Andy Warhol curators tour below.

Raid the bookshelf and rediscover the books that inspire you

As well as a pile of unread Tate Membership magazines I have bookshelves full of books that I have bought over the years, books I've not opened for 10 years+. Textbooks from the days of my design degree, books on silk squares that inspired a collection we are still working on and the classic must-have, The 20th Century Artbook. Through looking and listening to the above it has helped me to open my heart and eyes beyond the walls of my little home. I feel safe in the knowledge that all those works of art are still there, just waiting for me to come and look at them again. I can't wait to show you our AW2020 Collection, we are so proud of it. Until then, stay safe and stay at home x

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