Happy New Year!

January may be cold and grey but it is a great time for bringing about change. It's a time to take stock, make plans and maybe even come up with a New Year's Resolution. There are always so many suggestions around at this time of year... lose weight, get more exercise, dry January, take up a new challenge, but one of the best pieces of advice we've heard is DON'T multitask! It is far better to do one thing well by allocating a time slot and focusing on a task completely. Answer your emails, send out invoices, cook a meal, play with the children, but don't attempt to do them all at the same time - you will feel stressed out and you will fail!

Stop time and do one thing well

The Art of Stopping Time. Image by Penguin
The Art Of Stopping Time is just one of many books that may give some insight into ways that you can bring about change. It's important to make your goals achievable and sometimes the simplest things can have a profound effect, like switching off your phone for a while (is that a gasp?) Don't forget to take a little time for yourself - chances are you have been running around after other people for the past few weeks so put yourself first even for a few hours... spoil yourself.

Start Planning

The great thing about January is that you can plan a holiday: having something to look forward to is an immediate boost. You don't have to wish your life away until the holiday comes around but there's no doubt that the mere thought of blue skies or snow in the mountains can lift your spirits.
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Get Organised & Find Joy

Make the most of organising the house after the festive chaos and have a good clear out and maybe move things around a bit. Change feels good at this time of year! We have been inspired by the Netflix series Tidying up with Marie Kondu. Along with her beautiful organisational skills she encourages us to only hold onto items that "spark joy". So as you set new intentions for 2019 remember to only surround yourself with objects that make you happy and feel fabulous!
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We'd like to wish all of you a very happy 2019 and we hope it brings you everything you could possibly wish for!

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