How to care for your faux fur

Often faux fur simply needs a shake, brush and fresh air! So before adding it to the washing pile or taking it to the dry cleaners think of the environment and ask yourself if it really needs to be machine washed.

How to care for faux fur - Brush icon

Shake & brush

Use a stiff brush with fine wires or even a hairbrush. The fibres of faux fur are very fine and it’s easy to make it look slick again.

How to care for faux fur - I like fresh air icon

Fresh air

Hang it out on the washing line and watch it swing in the breeze.

How to care for faux fur - Sponge not wash icon

Sponge not wash

Faux fur hardly needs to be washed in a machine, simply sponge clean and that will usually do the trick.


If you must wash your faux fur ensure you read the wash labels. Temperatures shown are the MAXIMUM and it is much better for your faux fur and the environment to wash on a cooler setting or even on a cold wash. Dry naturally, never dry on a radiator or tumble dry at a high temperature. Please dry clean when recommended.