Iconic Designs and Cult Classics

We don’t always know when or if a design will become iconic, we simply work hard to bring you original and innovative ideas. So it's very exciting when there is a real buzz about a new product, and sometimes we need to be patient and let ideas find their own time to shine.

The Beret £48

Helen, who is a beret wearer, saw how we could take a beautiful wool beret and team it up with an interchangeable faux fur pom-pom to add a twist to this classic piece. We launched our Beret in 2015 but it wasn't until 2017 that the press started to announce "the beret is back" and it wasn't long before we were sending samples to every magazine and influencer! A beret is such a versatile piece and can be worn in so many different ways. There is the classic French look, tilting it sideways, you can push it back, pull it down on both sides, tuck it under or pull it out or even wear it straight and who could forget Faye Dunaway's look in Bonnie and Clyde? Berets can also be teamed with any number of outfits. Black, being the ultimate classic, looks effortlessly chic with anything, but bright colours can really transform an outfit by adding a note of daring contrast.
Grey Beret with Dusky Pom Pom. Buy additional Poppered Pom Poms to create this look

The Vixen Scarf £79

Within days of launching our Vixen Scarf, we had a call in from Vogue for a Mario Testino shoot and Kelly Brook was wearing the Ermine Vixen with a breathtaking Scarlet dress!
Image by Mario Testino for Vogue featuring the Helen Moore Midnight Vixen
The Daily Mail - Kelly Brook wears the Ermine Faux Fur Vixen.
The Vixen has been worn by some of our favourite celebrities and influencers, but our customers have also given it the seal of approval and it is one of our all-time bestsellers.

The Multi Vixen £98

The Vixen took on a new life when we launched the Multi Vixen, one of Helen's favourite pieces! It appeared in almost every UK fashion magazine and newspaper, with Fearne Cotton leading the pack. We had bloggers, editors and fashionistas all clambering to wear our different colour combinations.
Image thanks to Independent "10 Best Women’s Scarves" featuring Fearne Cotton wearing Helen Moore Multi Vixen
Now truly a cult classic with fans buying up several colour combinations, we have very exciting plans in store with the launch of our new Pick'n' Mix Slim Vixen!

The Bomber Jacket £265

How could we write about iconic designs without mentioning our Bomber Jacket? The style, also known as a flight jacket, originates from pilots in the first world war who needed to stay warm in their freezing aeroplane cockpits.
Bomber Jackets image courtesy of Highsnobiety.com showing soldiers in bomber jackets in First World War
'What could be better than a faux fur bomber jacket?' we thought, and so the metamorphosis began! The style has evolved through subcultures to find its place in today's high fashion. Our design retains the traditional elasticated waist and zip, as well as the functional pockets, but combines this with the texture, warmth and colour of faux fur. Why not wear a faux fur Bomber for New Year's Eve? It's perfect for chilly nights and watching the fireworks at midnight!
The Midnight Bomber Jacket £265

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