Helen Moore Sustainability Statement

Our mission is to design and make beautiful and useful products that will last.

We are committed to operating a sustainable business for the future of our community, industry and environment.

We want our products to be affordable without compromising on quality.

Human and animal welfare is at the heart of every design and business decision we make.

100% Faux Fur

Faux fur is an ideal substitute for real fur. It is cruelty-free and, in the case of our faux fur, guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals. All our faux fur products are 100% fake fur, guaranteed. Our faux fur fabrics undergo full composition testing, ensuring that no animal fibres are present.

Animal Welfare

We have a cruelty-free ethos, which condemns the practice of using real fur. We believe that it is an unjust and unnecessary evil to keep animals in captivity, and for them to suffer appalling abuse before being inhumanely killed, solely for their fur. We are Peta Approved.


Synthetic Fabrics

All our faux fur fabrics are compliant with European REACH certification, which means that there are no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process, thus safeguarding human health and the environment. In contrast, to prevent decomposition, real fur is treated with harmful and noxious chemicals. All acrylic and polyester fabrics have an impact on the environment when machine-washed. However, our faux fur products do not need frequent washing, in fact, no more than a real fur item would. Cleaning with a damp sponge is usually sufficient.


British Manufacturing

All our faux fur products are made in our factory in Devon. By manufacturing in our own factory, we can make according to demand, thus minimising over production and reducing waste. We are not committed to buying minimums from abroad, which can result in the excess being sold at knock-down sale prices, or, even worse being deliberately destroyed.


It is important to us that our fabric off-cuts don’t end up in landfill, so we only throw away the absolute minimum and give our scrap fabric to schools, fashion students, theatrical groups and charities. We also sell our fabric off-cuts to crafters at affordable prices.

Local Employers

We employ people from the immediate area, thus incurring minimal transport costs and reducing our environmental impact.

Business Impact

We are committed to and planning for a paper-free future. We have recently introduced a new paperless system in our offices, as well as in the manufacturing and despatch areas of the factory. Our products are no longer wrapped individually in plastic bags, thus reducing the use of single-use plastic in the business. We have invested in solar panels on the factory roof, thus reducing our use of fossil fuels.


Slow Fashion

We are not fast fashion, we hope and expect that our products are treasured and worn for years to come. Quality over quantity is an important part of our ethos.

The Future

We continue to follow the development of alternative ways of making faux fur from recycled plastic. We are also committed to researching innovative methods to reduce the impact on the environment caused by machine-washing acrylic and polyester. Our commitment to a sustainable future requires us to recognise and evaluate the changes we still need to make. We pledge to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum as part of our future strategy.

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