We’re a family run business

Hi! We are Hester and Jessica Moore. We are dedicated to designing and making beautiful luxury faux fur products that last from our own factory in the Devon countryside.

“We want our products to be affordable without compromising on quality.”

— Hester & Jessica Moore

100% faux fur

Our faux fur is an ideal substitute for real fur. It is cruelty-free and guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals.

All our faux fur products are 100% fake fur. Our fabrics undergo full composition testing, ensuring that no animal fibres are present.

We have a cruelty-free ethos, which condemns the practice of using real fur. We believe that it is an unjust and unnecessary evil to keep animals in captivity, and for them to suffer appalling abuse before being inhumanely killed, solely for their fur.

We are Peta Approved.

Helen Moore is Peta Approved Vegan
Helen Moore is based in Devon

Made in the UK

All our faux fur products are made in our factory in Devon. By manufacturing in our own factory, we can make according to demand, thus minimising over production and reducing waste. We are not committed to buying minimums from abroad, which can result in the excess being sold at knock-down sale prices, or, even worse being deliberately destroyed.

Slow fashion

We are not fast fashion, we hope and expect that our products are treasured and worn for years to come. Quality over quantity is an important part of our ethos.

Lara Hat by Helen Moore

As seen in

Liberty London Logo
Fortnu & Mason
Selfridges & Co
The National Gallery
The British Museum
Bergdorf Goodman
— and many more high-street and online stores.