Meet our model - the fabulous Rebecca Gobbi!

Meet the fabulous Rebecca Gobbi, star of our 2020 campaign. We couldn't have wished for better - she's utterly professional, totally gorgeous and great fun! We all loved working with her on our fashion shoot just a few weeks before the start of lockdown so we thought we'd introduce her to you...

We caught up with Rebecca to find out how she coped with lockdown, why shoes can be a nightmare and why she loves faux fur...

Tell us about how you first got into modelling - you’re from Brazil right?

Hi, my name is Rebecca Gobbi, I’m from a small town in Brazil. I first got into modelling when I was scouted and won a contest from Elite Model Look. After winning in first place in Brazil, I started modelling with them and the rest is history!

Tell us a bit about growing up  

My childhood was absolutely perfect. I was raised in this wonderful place outside of Itirapina where my parents are still working. I grew up with lots of animals and nature, similar to a small farm. I never had the ambition to leave there, but when I was 15 years old and I won the contest for Elite, my life changed and I started living as a model - Traveling everywhere and working a lot. 

Is anyone else in your family a model?

Currently my brother @maxgobbi is also working as a Model. He spent most of 2018 in China working and is now back in Brazil. 

When you work on a shoot what do enjoy most?

I enjoy working with positive people who are also having a good time – People who like to be kind to everyone on set, listen to music and enjoy the work! Working for brands who you appreciate and respect the environment, like Helen Moore, is also very important to me -- I literally had the best time working with you.

Is there anything you don’t like?

I really don’t like rude people… There are a lot of people who know how to make life miserable on set... Also working with real small shoes. Sometimes I have to wear a UK 6, but I’m actually a UK 8. I’m a tall woman, so my feet aren’t tiny!

By the way, I wear the fluffy boots EVERYDAY since the first day.

Slipper Boots - available in size large!

What moments stand out from the Helen Moore shoot?

All day was very fun and super exciting, working with a great team of people. But the last shot with the confetti was unforgettable. I never laugh that much.

On the shoot you seemed to like dancing to music! What music do you listen to?

I love music. Music is the purpose of life. Music can always make your day better. I personally listen to rock, punk rock, metal, emo, sometimes old pop and some different “weird” witchy music. But on set, I can listen to everything. Like I said, music moves you and your mood... I love almost all music

What did you do to keep busy during lockdown? Do have any hobbies or interests? 

The lockdown was really good for gardening. I have a balcony in my flat so I could plant a lots of vegetables. Seeing them growing and harvesting, and finally, tasting them, was so amazing. You reconnect your self with nature, and this is priceless. 

We’re a cruelty free faux fur brand and now we only use vegan leather - is this ethos important to you?

ABSOLUTELY! I literally cried (for happiness) when I found out your ethos is vegan. It’s so great to see this cause that I have been fighting for so many years being put into practice. I wanted to have one of everything from Helen Moore.


How does it feel to see yourself on our new website? Do you have a favourite image?

I’m grateful to be part of this. Seeing my image being part of this great brand with such a strong cause... Honestly, I love all the photos. When I sent them to my mom (my biggest fan) she was so proud of me. She was saying to herself “do you see that? I made her”. I was speechless.

Rebecca and her mum


If you could choose one thing from the collection what would it be?

I believe you guys already know, that blue super ultra-soft jacket that everyone was desiring. 

Blue Cloud Collar Jacket

What’s next for you?

Now I have to self-quarantine for another 2 weeks because I just got back from France, and after that, back to work!

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