What’s it like to work with your mum?

With Mothers' Day just around the corner, we caught up with Helen's daughter Hester...

What's it like to work with your mum?

I love working with mum, but if I'm honest I don't really know any different, we've been working together for as long as I can remember. Family businesses are like nothing else, they demand a lot of support and honesty, you have to trust each other's instincts and help realise one another's visions, which is quite easy when your mum is as creative and dynamic as my mum!

How do you get any work done with a 2 year old daughter?!

It's not easy, but it is fun! I'll admit that I used to think I could do it all, be a mum and work like I used to, but my life is a lot better and my work is stronger since I realised I couldn't do it all. I believe I have got better at prioritising, making better decisions and seeing what really matters. We also have a great support network, when I'm in the factory my dad (Granstan) looks after Betty, they are best friends. And sometimes, Betty just has to come to work with us!

Will you get a Mothers' Day present? What will it be?

Mum loves anything useful! Everything she has ever designed or made has a purpose (our Hot Water Bottles remain her favourite products as they're just so useful!). In the last couple of years, she has rediscovered a love for dressmaking and wants to make her own clothes again, so maybe a dress pattern and some beautiful fabric, my go-to dress making brand is Merchant & Mills.

Choose your favourite Helen Moore accessory for Mothers' Day

Without doubt, the Tippet Scarf, mums love it and so do I! It is a classic, a perfect example of a luxury faux fur accessory. The Tippet can be worn with a coat, leather jacket, knit, evening dress..anything! It was one of the first pieces Mum designed and it was based on a Tippet Scarf my grandmother wore. Match it with a Huff Headband for the perfect set!

Any sneak peeks into the new 2020 Collection?

No, you will have to wait! But I can promise you a new, brighter, lighter collection perfect for 2020. We have got the most beautiful natural tones with awesome pops of colour!

Hester's picks for Mothers' Day

The Tippet Scarf, £38 & The Huff Headband, £32

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