How to put together a work wardrobe

by Jessica Moore

As the seasons change and you re-evaluate your wardrobe it is always a difficult question as to how you organise your clothes. Do you have a ‘work wardrobe’ of smart, pristine clothes that don’t go near the children or the dog that sit on the left-hand side… and the ‘seen better days’, ‘had it longer than I can remember’ and ‘really comfy’ on the other with things slowly migrating from left to right as the years go on. workwear blog Working with our totally fabulous stylist Catherine De Creveceour the three things that she taught me are
  1. Don’t save the best for work, feel good about yourself every day with what you wear.
  2. Have some staple pieces, a ‘capsule wardrobe’ that everything else can work around.
  3. Accessorise!
Therefore I do not compartmentalise but when I’m shopping I try and think of my wardrobe as a whole. I look at where a new shirt might fit into it, could it be dressed up for work but still be styled with a more casual outfit if I’m meeting a friend for a drink? Which accessories would work with it? Here are some ideas of wardrobe staples that can be accessorised for all occasions.

A good quality white shirt and a couple of white T-Shirts

White is a fantastic underlayer and works with any colour or colouring. A shirt with a jacket and pair of jeans looks really smart and equally a t-shirt under a suit can relax the vibe.
Long Sleeved Top H&M - Shirt Jigsaw - T-Shirt Next

A really good pair of jeans

Jeans do not have to cost a fortune and Catherine taught me to shop on the high street for jeans as they do so many different styles that fit all body shapes and they wash well. If jeans are not appropriate in your workplace, then chinos are a great alternative.
New Look Jeans are priced from £9-£29

At least one dress

Even if you don’t wear a dress every day there will always be an occasion that calls for one so good to have at least one that you feel really good in. A really big work meeting, a work day that runs straight into a party, it can be good to feel just a little bit more dressed up.
Navy Dress by Cos £79 - Khaki Green Dress by Warehouse £42

A black Jacket

This is something that it is worth spending a bit more on as it is a timeless piece that will last you season after season and can be worn with any of the above to take the outfit to the next level.
French Connection Blazer £140 - Karen Millen Blazer £199
With these items forming the backbone of your wardrobe it is then easier to slot other pieces and colours in around them. A really great way to do this is using accessories.


Add a collar over a suit or just a t-shirt and immediately your outfit is transformed. If you are going out straight from work then pop it in your bag to put on as you leave the office to give an extra ‘pop’ to your daytime dress.


Bags are a fantastic way to transform an outfit. Our Kersey Bags are a perfect work size, they look smart and can add colour. Or this Burgundy Mini Bag is perfect for taking an outfit from day to evening.
Mini Bag £69
Kersey Bag £114


Scarves are the best way to take a work wardrobe into spring. If you are like me and want to ditch your coat the minute the sun peaks out, swap it for a warm scarf. Over a jumper or a top you have a dressed up spring look but without getting cold.

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