Our Picks for Mum this Mother's Day + 20% off

We love a celebration at Helen Moore and can't think of anything better than to celebrate motherhood and spoil all those women who continue to give so much. Here are some of the presents the Helen Moore team are buying the mums in their life this Mother's Day.

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Jane - Manager

My mum is 97 and still living an active, independent life! She enjoys reading so I'm going to buy her a Comforter Throw for her favourite armchair.
Comforter Throws are perfect for armchairs and the foot of the bed from £149

Gill - Customer Service

My friend Claire has recently become a mum so I'm going to send her a pair of Ocelot Slipper Boots as I know this little touch of luxury is just what she needs in the early days of motherhood....and she LOVES animal print!
Slipper Boots are super cosy and very luxurious. £63

Tom - Pom Pom Manager

My partner and mother to our son Ruben is always looking for the perfect bag. I am going to get her the Day Tripper Bag in Blueberry as I'm reliably informed that this is THE bag for bag lovers!
The NEW Day Tripper Bag has been designed for bag lovers! £99

Lindsey - Factory Manager

My mum is in her 70's and still runs the family farm. She is up at the crack of dawn feeding the animals and looking after everyone but herself! I'm going to get her a Hot Water Bottle in Sea Green as she loves bright colours.
Mums love Hot Water Bottles £54

What will you get your mum this Mother's Day?


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