The Silk Scarf Collection

The Helen Moore Silk Scarf Collection is a collaborative project by Hester and her father, artist Stanley Moore. Inspired by her father’s work and their love of textiles they have created a series of beautiful silk scarves.


"We have dreamt of this project for many years. This collaboration has allowed us to blend our worlds, to share more of who we are, and where we are going.

Growing up in a creative family was wonderful. There was always lots of ideas, hundreds of sketches, beautiful drawings, paintings and sculptures. Our home was full of art, and today it remains the same for our children to enjoy.

I grew up with these paintings, so to see them transcend our family home, the studio and the gallery, to place them onto fabric to be worn by you is so exciting." Hester Moore

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United Statement Silk Scarf by Helen Moore

Many skilled hands have come together to make each scarf, they have been expertly printed in Cheshire, hand rolled in Manchester, presented in a box made in Wales and packed for you by us in Devon. Each scarf includes a card signed by Stanley Moore.

No scarf is the same size, each scarf remains the proportion of the original painting.

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'A Difficult Trick' 

'Leaping Jaguar'

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About the Artist & Daughter:

Stanley Moore MA RCA graduated from Goldsmiths College of Art in 1968. He went on to be awarded the Royal College of Art Silver Medal in 1971 for Work of Special Distinction. Stanley exhibited in London and the US before settling in Devon where his wife Helen started the Helen Moore fashion brand.

Hester Moore followed in her parents’ footsteps and studied Design at Goldsmith’s College of Art. She is all things design, brand and business at Helen Moore.

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