Our top five faux fur Christmas gifts

At Helen Moore this year we have been talking a lot about ‘stuff’ vs ‘things’ and what we need in our homes. Our Christmas promise this year has been about buying less but making sure what we buy is beautiful, will last and has a purpose - even if that purpose is to look gorgeous on ourselves or in our homes.


These are our five top gifts to give from Helen Moore this Christmas. We hope you enjoy giving them as much as your loved ones do receiving them.


Pom Collar

If you know someone who would appreciate warmth and style this is the present for them. A neat little collar with an easy pom button fastening it sits over jumpers or on a coat collar. The Pom Collar is available in a range of colours from the more neutral Jet and Truffle through to the more prominent Coral or Pistachio for those in your life who want something that stands out.


Dolly Collar

This is my absolute favourite new fashion item. I love the versatility of being able to wear it on its own or with any other scarf pulled through. It will immediately give new life to any silk scarves that the recipient might own to carry them through the winter months, as well as dress up any outfit, inside or out.


Slipper Boots

Our slipper boots are soft, luxurious and super comfortable. In fact, so much so that we have released a whole new range of colours in response to customer requests. We just love the opportunities that manufacturing in our own factory in Devon brings us. Always ask us about bespoke pieces and colours and we will do what we can, in this case we could put them on the site for everyone to choose the best colour for the special people in their lives.


Mini Hot Water Bottle

It is definitely hot water bottle season now and my children are asking for them every night. These little ones work fantastically for adults or kids, for travel (yes we are back doing some of that!) or for holding onto an ache or pain. It is a great gift that will be used and admired.



Luckily for me this is top of my daughter’s Christmas list. She was given a bright pink one for her third birthday from her Granny (Helen).

Child in a faux fur pink blanket

She is now ten and bright pink is not really her thing anymore (she wants Crimson). This comforter throw has been so loved over the last seven years but still looks amazing so I get to decide which lucky sofa gets her pink one!

The comforter is for adults, children, pets (if you let them!). They are beautiful on your sofa and even more delightful when you are snuggled into one. 

Whatever you choose to buy this Christmas, I hope you enjoy the process of buying beautiful things for important people in your life that they can enjoy and cherish. I will love watching my daughters face when she opens her new Comforter and look forward to snuggling with her for the Christmas Day movie!

Happy Shopping,


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