Helen's Favourite Five

I started working with faux fur about 20 years ago, but it was only a small part of the business at that time so I didn't imagine that it would become the focus of everything we make and I certainly didn't think we would be one of the main employers in our village in Devon! Here are a few of my favourite items that I think make perfect Christmas gifts. Each product tells a story...


The loop and tail style originally lent itself to the two-tone trend, with one colour of faux fur looping through the other, but the style proved so popular we decided to make it in all our favourite faux furs. The latest news is that we now have a Petite Loop Scarf, launched recently as part of our Capsule Collection, which promises to be just as popular.


The Huff is one of those designs that surpassed all our expectations. It is, after all, just a headband, but the soft wraparound style combined with our luxurious faux furs caught the imagination of our customers and we must have sold many thousands by now. The name 'Huff' came about as sort of conflation of headband and muff and just sort of stuck! It is such an adaptable little accessory which looks equally good around town, out on a muddy walk in the country, or out on the ski slopes. It's also easy to just pop in your bag wherever you go and it really does keep you warm.


Faux fur slipper boots by Helen Moore

When we first started making faux fur items a young girl called Rachel came in to clean the workshop on Fridays after school. That was 18 years ago and since then Rachel has made, designed and developed countless items, as well as studying at art school and now raising a family. The Slipper Boots were her idea and she developed the wonderful cosy design. I wear mine every day and simply couldn’t do without them!


Helen Moore Tippet Scarf worn on a model

When I started making fashion accessories the Tippet was the first product I designed and made. I remember my mother often wore a very chic ‘Tippet scarf’, so I decided to combine the classic design with our wonderfully soft faux fur. I wanted it to be an everyday accessory to make you look and feel glamorous. It is still one of our best sellers.


2018 Jewel Slim Multi Vixen

This scarf epitomises the past few years for me. It’s bonkers, brilliant and dazzling! One day, Lindsey, our designer, came into my office and asked if she could show me something that she knew was a little ‘out there’ but she loved it so much she couldn't keep it to herself - bear in mind we were mainly working with natural coloured furs at that time. It seemed so daring and exciting and completely right for the direction we were heading. Best known for being the scarf of choice by celebrities and influencers the Multi Vixen has now become a firm favourite in our collection.

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