What's your school run style?

There's no doubt that the school run has changed a bit since the 1970's! it's probably fair to say that there has always been an element of one-upmanship but have things got out of control now? If you google 'school run' you see dozens of images of A-listers and supermodels taking their kids to school, so it's no wonder the school gate can seem daunting at times! Many of the mums of Instagram help out with style ideas and often make us feel better about the way we look rather than just feeling we're inadequate or lacking in direction. A Dainty Mum, shown here wearing the Rainbow Slim Multi Vixen is always great for school run style and inspiration! The key to surviving the school run is not to take it too seriously, so we've put together a guide to help you navigate your way through this particularly tricky style challenge!

The Guide

There are a few distinct styles that can be seen at the school gates. We can all morph between these but will certainly recognise them all!

Stunningly stylish

If you are a ‘Stunningly Stylish’ mum then before embarking on the school run you have blow dried your hair, put on full make-up and carefully coordinated your outfit. Dressing up is not about looking good for other people, you want to look good for yourself. You present the finished package every day and you don't mind about the effort you put in because it makes you feel great.
Using co-ordinating faux fur accessories like the Sea Green Buckle Collar £65 will pull stylish outfits together

Survived and Arrived

If you feel like a champion for simply getting through the morning and being at school, then you are a ‘Survived and Arrived’ mum. For most this happens on occasional days, but for others, this is just a point in your life and you just have to knuckle down and get through it. You haven’t slept, there were tears over spilt milk at breakfast. You couldn’t find shoes, coats, hats, gloves, homework or the baby. You have just about thrown a coat and scarf over pyjamas, but you are there before the bell and you will really look forward to the cup of coffee when you get home. Wear a big buttoned up coat and no-one will know if you are still in your nighty and throw on a scarf for a touch of luxury.

Effortlessly Easy

Does this mum exist? If not, then there is definitely a group of you out there that makes it look like it does. Your hair is swept back into a topknot that has just the right amount of messy/cool and your makeup is minimal but beautiful. Your outfit looks like it has been thrown on, it is simple but totally inspiring. It may take a huge amount of effort to be this effortless, but you pull it off superbly. Wearing a vixen over one shoulder lends a casual yet stunning addition to an outfit.

Ready to run

You definitely know if you are this mum. Straight into your gym kit so you can drop the kids and head off for a run/to yoga/for a game of tennis. If you went home to get changed then you know you’d never go, but if you make the statement on the school run then there is no escape. You get your exercise done first and know you can then achieve so much more with your day – although there are days when you get so involved that you are still in your gym kit at pick up. Gym ready? Pom-Pom shoe clips will jazz up your trainers

Crazy Chameleon

You are not sure which mum you are and it can change during the school run itself! You are a crazy chameleon as you throw on a different top and change your clothes that the baby has just wiped banana on. As you arrive at school you are offloading bags with wellies, trainers, lunches and teddies while trying to hold on to your laptop and handbag. You are switching trainers for shoes, muddy anorak for city coat as you dash to the station or jump in your car. You head off to your work life, take a deep breath, apply lipstick and then become the other you!

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